Arab customer visit us to check our cube shisha hookah charcoal machine

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Today Arab customer visit us to check our cube shisha hookah machine Brief introduction of shisha charcoal machine 1.The shisha charcoal machine Arab or pipe carbon materials made by the high quality charcoal powder production, environmental protection aluminum foil a topical spray plating. 2.Shisha Charcoal Machine mainly used for smoking, is the world's most popular speed burning charcoal. 3. It can also be used for combustion resin, aroma or made into powder and herbal mixed used as mainly sold to the Middle East, Europe, vanilla and other countries. 4.But according to customer requirement add spices, burning out when fragrance. Raw materials Such as water pipe carbon, crystal carbon, carbon powder, coal powder, coking coal, cigarette ball, solid wax, solid alcohol, solid fuel, carbamide, fertilizer, forage, Chinese dregs of a decoction, west medicinal powder, ammonium chloride, dregs of furfural, rare earth, bauxite, scale cinder, lime powder, ash, high test hypochlorite, metal powder, flavor powder and so on. Main features of professional manufacturer shisha charcoal machine 1. Shisha charcoal making machine is applied to suppress tablets with large volume. 2. Special design is suitable for light powder materials. 3. Humanization design with easy clearance and maintenance. 4. Transmission system in main gear box below airtight is completely separated, reducing noise and wear. Pictures of shisha charcoal machine and machine parts Mobile & whatsapp & viber : 0086 159 3717 6119 Skype & wechat : elena890817 E-mail & MSN : Other websit link :

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