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Coal Briquette Machine

Coal Briquette Machine

Maintenance rate is low, durable; square shape, high stacking density; easy to install and replace.

Product description:We have produced coal briquette machine,our coal briquetting machine have high quality,and coal briquette machine in Kenya is very popular.

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Coal Briquette Machine

 coal briquette machine

Coal is a resource that can be used as an energy resource, mainly combustion for the production of electricity and heat, and can also be used for industrial purposes, in order to make coal get fully used, Lantian technical team has produced coal briquette machine, our coal briquetting machine belongs to hydraulic press machine, which have high quality and simple operation, and mould can be changed according customers needs, which is very popular in many countries.

Working Principle

coal briquetting machine
Our coal briquette machine consists of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pump, sensor, PLC intelligent control system and mould, all parts are carefully designed by our staff to ensure quality and performance. When coal briquetting machine is working, it adopts Pascal principle, pressure and speed can be controlled by PLC intelligent control system, after switched sensor and materials starts to press. Our machines is easy to use, and coal briquette machine in Kenya is received widely praise.


 coal briquette machine

Machines details and advantages

coal briquetting machine
1.Pressure can adjust between 100-200t by PLC intelligent control system,
2.Hydraulic pump is equipped with rubber base, which has good shock absorption effect,
3.External hydraulic pumps can ensure the safety of cooling system.
4.Mould materials is used 65# manganese steel, quality is high and performance is stable, and mould can be changed.

Finished products display

 coal briquette machine

Customers site

coal briquetting machine

Our machines are carefully designed by our staff, and have high quality CE certification and ISO certification, the stable performance and just price makes coal briquette machine in Kenya achieved unanimous praise.

Product line

coal briquette machine
1.Coal need crush into coal powder by coal crusher machine, and then, coal powder need adhesive and stirring evenly in binder mixer,
2.After mixed, coal powder will be transferred to coal briquette machine and be pressed, the finished products are have high hardness and high density,
3.After pressed, finished products need dry out excess moisture, make them burning thoroughly.
4.Finished products can pack by coal briquette packing machine and sell.
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